Since leaving Glasgow School of Art, Gordon Davidson has exhibited widely throughout Scotland and gained international recognition for his art work.

Gordon's first solo exhibition was Space Kids which received national coverage on Reporting Scotland on BBC and Get Fresh on ITV. This exhibition was in 90's Gallery in Glasgow. He had a solo exhibition of his drawings in Ottowa, Canada, and was chosen as one of ten artists to represent Scotland in an international exhibition in Denmark.

During the year Glasgow was the European City of Culture in 1990 Gordon was involved with eight exhibitions throughout the city.

Gordon is probably best known for his moody, atmospheric paintings of the west coast of Scotland. He calls these, his Blue Mountains paintings. This style, using gouache paint, he now uses to capture landscapes from around the world. Again it was 90's Gallery in Glasgow who gave the first showing of the Blue Mountains in a solo show in 1993.

He has been influenced by the work of many artists; Tom Mackenzie, Peter Graham and James Gorman.

Gordon is also known for his film work. He has produced Pop videos, the Arran Walk films, and a series of documentaries called Artefact about contemporary Scottish artists. He's filmed for The National Trust for Scotland and filmed in Peru, Nepal, Morocco.....USA..Malta...Thailand...

For many years Gordon has been fostering good relations with artists and crafts people around the world. A documentary crew followed him to Morocco and Peru in 2005 - 2006 to capture a year's work for his biggest exhibition to date -" Around The World In 80 Pictures". This exhibition was commissioned by John Pow of the Seagull Gallery in Gourock, a great supporter of Gordon's work.

This exhibition thrust him into a top league of Scottish artists ... with many officials and politicians from around the world attending. As a result of this venture, Gordon is now receiving extraordinary offers from all over the world including one of his paintings going to the King of Thailand. In 2008 UNICEF asked Gordon to show "around the world" to try to raise money for them. This show took place in Edinburgh in the headquarters of Brodies, one of the largest law firms in Scotland.

Following the success of the "Around the World" exhibition the Peru Embassy in London contacted Gordon in 2007 and asked him to produce an exhibition for the Embassy.Gordon went back to Peru that year to paint more work this includes work from his expedition into the Amazon, his trip to Nazca in the south, Piura and Las Lomas in the north. This exhibition took place in the Peru embassy in London in April and May 2010. The exhibition was run by the Anglo - Peruvian Society and 20% of the sales went to the good work of that organisation in helping poor communities in Peru.

Throughout the year of 2009 Gordon took on a twelve month project called "A Year At Imachar". Every month he painted the machair on the Isle of Arran. The film of this is now available. The paintings were only exhibited once together in the Arran Whisky Distillery in 2014.

In 2010 Gordon was taken to Nepal to produce an exhibition for the Nepal Ambassador for the "Nepal Year of Tourism" celebrations. The exhibition was shown in Glasgow and The Gurkha Museum in Winchester. There he was asked if he'd be interested in setting up a sustainable art project in an orphanage north of Kathmandu. He spent November and December 2012 in Nepal and brought work back to exhibit in Scotland. The exhibition was featured in newspapers from Scotland to Nepal, shown on the main STV news and MSP Kenneth Gibson brought a motion in the Scottish Parliament to commend Gordon's work. The exhibition was opened by the Nepal ambassador and the Consul General of Nepal for Scotland. Gordon returned to Nepal in September 2013, May 2014, December 2014 and January 2015, October/November 2015 & September 2016. Feb/March & Nov/Dec 2017.

2014 Gordon completed the illustrations for the "Never Set A Pond On Fire" short story book, by Richard Stewart..publihed in USA March 2014. He has illustrated the Arran Monsters books for poet Diana Dunne .

Two exhibitions in 2016 ... His paintings from Nepal and a second exhibition of Arran and the Holy Isle... In 2017 three exhibitions...Winchester in April, Arran June-August, and The Moonlight Exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal.